I love water and her flowing life. I love water and her crystal transparence and glistering clarity. Water has always been what I like to express the most. No one can live without water. In fact our whole world’s evolution happens on the calm surface of water. Our souls are colored and cleansed by the water so that our life becomes more bright and shinning. Ever since I was little I have been fond of waterfalls and gully streams. I like to watch people play in the water on the beach and children jump in the water with joy and happiness. I often stare at water waves of my swimming pool in California, the water waves under the sun reflect on faces of different people, reflect the thoughts of the gods, the light, harmony, beauty, and happiness.

My series of The New Water World is intended to break through the subsidiary order between image and colors, the results are the two have been naturally blended together and the instant and eternal have been organically connected.  The paintings look smoother, quieter; as if stillness is captured within motion, and motion within stillness. And their compositions are plain, simple but beautiful.  They possess striking power and have achieved the desired visual  effect.

My 20 years of life in the United States have changed my understanding of the impact of color and image on society. An artist must freely express his view of society and his emotions with his paintings. I will use more modern symbols and expressions my future works so that my thoughts can be presented more clearly.

我喜欢水,喜欢她流动的生命,喜欢她的透彻和晶莹。水一直是我最想表现的题材。没有一个人的生活能离开水。其实整个世界都轮回在平静的水面上。我们的灵魂在水中被沁染被洗涤从而变得透明光亮。我从小就喜爱瀑布和溪水,喜欢看海滩上在水中戏耍的人群,喜欢看小孩子跳到水中时那无比的喜悦和快乐。我时常注神着加州游泳池中清澈的水波,阳光下的水波反射在不同人的脸上,反射在 神像上,光芒,和谐,美丽,宜人。




1959- Beijing, China



1986- University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Winston-Salem, NC. M.F.A.

1984- Graduated From the China Central Academy of Applied Arts, Beijing, China



2011 - 16th Annual Los Angeles Art Show

2010- Poly International Auction Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

2010 - The 2nd Beijing International China Cultural Artifacts Fair  

2010 - Zhong Ding International Auction Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

2010 - David Lawrence Gallery, West Hollywood, CA

2010 - Swenson Fine Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

2010- 15th Annual Los Angeles Art Show, LA, CA

2009 - May Art Gallery, Hong Kong

2009 - Hotel G., Beijing, China

2008- Sungari International Summer Works of Arts Auctions

2008- Poly International Auction Co., Ltd, Beijing, China

2008- May Art Gallery, Hong Kong

2007- Sungari International Summer Works of Arts Auctions

2006- The Best of Red Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing, China

2001- Old Eastern Gallery, Alhambra, CA

2000- May Art Gallery, Hong Kong

1998- Valerie Miller Art Gallery at Newport Beach, CA

1995 1994 - Xi Wu Plaza Center, Tokyo, Japan

1993 - Huntington U.S. Gallery, Huntington Beach, CA

1992 - Los Angeles Art Expo, Los Angeles, CA

1992 - Overseas Digest

1991 - Galleria Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

1991 - Los Angeles Art Expo, Los Angeles, CA                                                                                          

1990 - Mara Gali Gallery, Madrid, Spain                                                      

1990 - Los Angeles Art Expo, Los Angeles, CA

1988 - China National Museum, Beijing, China

1988 - Olympic Show at Seoul Museum, Seoul, Korea

1984 - CCAA Art Gallery, Beijing, China

1983 - CCAA Art Gallery, Beijing, China

1985- Art Editor for Japan Newton Magazine, Tokyo, Japan

1985- Art Editor, China Pictorial Press, Beijing, China

1985- Art Editor-TV Play, College Students of Forbid, Beijing, China

1980- Art Editor for Biweekly Magazine

1977- Beijing Children Palace, Beijing, China

1979- Stage Art Designer, Drama Play Out off The Sun City, Beijing, China



2010 – BTV, Beijing, China

2010 – Art Observation, Beijing, China

2010 – Art  Magazine, Columbia, NC

2010 – China Oil Painting, Beijing, China

2009 – Master Pieces Review, China

2009 - Fine Arts Frontier Magazine, Beijing, China

2009- Artist Magazine, Hong Kong

2008- Fine Arts Frontier Magazine, Beijing, China

2007- Fine Arts Frontier Magazine, Beijing, China

2007- Artist of China Magazine

2007- China Overseas Artist Magazine

2006- CCTV Television at Beijing-Chinese Artist in the US

1999- China Overseas Artist Magazine

1997- CCTV Television, in Beijing, China

1997- Artist of China Magazine

1989- Taiwan CTS Television

1981- BBI Magazine, Beijing, China



Yan Tai Museum, China
Fua Jian Co.,Ltd., China
New Elegance Co., Ltd, Beijing, China
Hotel G, Beijing, China
China Petrochemical Corp., China
Lu Leng Group, China
China CREAT Group, Beijing, China
China Travel Group LTD. Hong Kong
Gateway  Capital Corp., China
Standard Chartered Bank, London, England
Poly  Co., Ltd, Beijing, China
HSBC, Beijing, China



Humbert Pang, San Fransico, CA
Goodwin  Gaw, Los Angeles, CA
Bill McIntyre, New Port Beach, CA
David Chan, Beijing, China
Yong Sun, Pasadena, CA
Lanfu Yang, Hong Kong
Qizhen Qin, Beijing, China
Edmond Huan, Beijing, China
Dwight D. Mcwethy, Delaware, RI
Frank Huang, Hong Kong
Frank Jao,  Huntington Beach, CA
Ronda Qu, Delaware, RI
Jim Huang, Taipei, Taiwan



1990- Granted US Permanent Residence as an Individual of Extraordinary Ability in Arts

1988- 1991 Happiness, 100 M x 10 M Mural at Asian Garden Mall in Orange County, California Won Tao Dong Dong the “Honor Artist of America” Which was Awarded by California Governor - Pete Wilson and Vice President of the U.S.A. Dan Quail. “Happiness” Was Spectacular!”  Reviewed by L.A. Times.  “Tao Dong Dong Was the Only Chinese Artist who Accomplished One of the Largest Murals in America.”

1987- Funeral, Won the Silver Medal of American Illustration Exhibit, Minnesota